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The Space to Be Counselling Service

“I felt my counsellor understood how I felt and my concerns”

“My counsellor created a safe atmosphere for me to explore my concerns”

“I am now dealing more effectively with my emotional problems”

“I feel I have benefited a lot from the counselling I received”

The Space to Be Meditation Groups

“I look forward to the group every week; I feel safe, well and energised” - Pat

“I have been meditating with The Space to Be group for two years; the guided meditations help to clarify my mind and leave me feeling deeply relaxed. Dawn has encouraged me immensely with my spiritual journey and I see her as one of the best mentors in my life” - Lesley

“The Space to Be group has become a very special evening for me, which I truly look forward to. Thank you for making it so special!”  - Rosalia

"The weekly meditation groups have become so special to me, helping me to cope with what life throws at me.  Dawn is such a very special person and I always leave the group at the end of the evening feeling refreshed and energised. I joined over a year ago with an open mind and now look forward to it every week" - Hilda

Esoteric Soul Healing

“Dawn provides a safe space for releasing what must go to achieve a balanced state of inner peace & happiness. I feel I could talk to Dawn about anything” – Olga

“I would recommend the Soul Healing session to anyone who would like to rid themselves of any negativity or to re-align the energy in our chakras. After my session I felt healed, energized, cleansed and focussed in all areas of my life. The session was given within a safe, positive and truly angelic environment” – Rosalia

Sound Bath

"A truly magical experience" - Hilda

Spring Equinox

"I joined in the Spring Equinox celebrations this year and not only was it a fun and enjoyable day, it gave me the energy to look forward to the coming year" - Hilda